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Good Air Tightness Flip Lid with Spoon

Flip Lid for milk powder

Flip Lid with Spoon/ Can/ Closure

Long Thames's Flip Lid for Cans is made with PP, apply to metalic cans that contain milk powder, supplements, drinks, etc.
Provide IML service.
Produce in clean room.
Using food grade production line.
Well designed spoon and spoon holder.
Formed in one piece to lower the cost and enhanced the durability.

Flip Lid for milk powder

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Milk Powder Flip Lid - Flip Lid for Cans
Milk Powder Flip Lid
Flip Lid for Tin Can

With the establishment of the Clean Room and Food Grade Production Line, we are now manufacturing...

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Flip Lid for milk powder | High-quality PE cartridges for silicone sealant | Long Thames

Based in Taiwan since 1971, LONG THAMES ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has been providing industrial grease tubes and packaging solutions. Their main products include, Flip Lid for milk powder, silicone sealant packaging, industrial lubricant cartridges, custom plastic closures, grease tube supplies, OEM packaging services and sealant cartridge manufacturing, serving to the packaging industry's needs for silicone sealant, lubricants, and industrial grease. They are recognized as the first specialized silicone sealant cartridge supplier in Taiwan.

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