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Customized Product

Make specially, according to your need

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Customized Product

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Customized Product - New product development
Customized Product

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Customized Product | Multi-Function Scrapers: Essential Tool for Easy Silicone & Caulk Removal | Long Thames

Based in Taiwan since 1971, LONG THAMES ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. provides high quality plastic packaging solutions. Specializing in products such as Customized Product, grease cartridges, silicone sealant cartridges, and various types of caps and closures, they meet a wide range of needs. Their expertise in plastic injection molding and commitment to innovation are evident in their popular products, including DIY Scrapers for Silicone Cartridges and Super Glue Bottles. Offering both standard and custom products, they ensure that each customer's unique requirements are met with professionalism and efficiency.

Discover top-tier B2B solutions for your packaging needs with our range of grease lubricant cartridges, silicone sealant cartridges, and innovative flip lids for milk powder, complete with integrated spoons. Our caps, lids, spouts, and closures are designed for metal cans, ensuring quality and durability. For DIY enthusiasts, our silicone cartridge scrapers offer unmatched ease and precision. Catering to bulk purchasing inquiries, we specialize in meeting the demands of business buyers worldwide. Our products are a blend of innovation, functionality, and reliability, perfect for diverse industrial applications. Elevate your business with our customized packaging solutions.

Long Thames has been offering customers bulk packaging supplies, both with advanced technology and 52 years of experience, Long Thames ensures each customer's demands are met.