Unprinted Grease Cartridge

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PE Cartridge for Silicone Sealant

PE Cartridge for Silicone Sealant

PE. Used for different Silicone Sealants. Reliable quality with Pure original material.

Grease Cartridge

Grease Cartridge

The capacity of Grease Cartridge is 400ml. No leakage, Easy assemble to the Grease Gun. No pollution during filling process and Low residues(less waste). Good Sustainability and Durability.


Unprinted Grease Cartridge

Easy to use / No tools required.
No Scraps of paper pollute the grease.
No leaking problem / No wetting phenomena as paper tubes.
No pollution during the filling process / Less residue and waste.
Decrease the cost of packing, increase the image of the product.
More durable than paper tube. No damp and no soften.
During the transportation, it is safer than paper tube and metal pull tab.
Loss is minimized.
Provide a clean simple way to operate for users.
Meeting the environment protection.

Grease Cartridge, Grease Tube, Cartridge for Grease and Lubricans


  • Material: PP
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Size: Meet DIN 1284 Standard,Suitable for standard Grease Guns


  • For prime lubricants and greases.
  • One-piece plastic tube
  • Easy handling
  • Opened without additional tool.

Packing information

  • Each set: Grease Cartridge with Cap
  • Cartridges: 108 PCS/CTN ( 77 x 24.5 x 39 mm)
  • Caps: 1,200 PCS/CTN ( 40 x 40 x 42 mm)




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    Our empty Cartridge suitable for Construction silicone sealant, Industrial silicone sealant, Electronic Grade silicone sealant, Molding silicone sealant…etc. Applications on silicone sealants for General Sealing and Assembling, Sealing Doors/Window Frames/Skylights, Kitchens and bathrooms, to seal assemblies of glass, glazed surfaces, porcelain coated metal, PVC, stainless steel, anodized aluminum and finished wood …etc.

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